Automotive Quality Core Tools are the building blocks of an effective quality management system. They include Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan (APQP), Product Part Approval Process (PPAP), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Measurement System Analysis (MSA), and Statistical Process Control (SPC).  The tools proved so useful that they were adopted by other manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

1) Process FMEA documentation

  1. Meaning of PFMEA documentation
  2. Graphical representation and explanation of key features of Process FMEA documentation.
  3. HINTS: in calculating RPN in PFMEA documentation.
  4. Analyzing the PFMEA documentation
  5. An example of Rating definitions of PFMEA documentation
  6. Steps 1-9 in graphical representation and explanation of Process FMEA documentation
  7. PFMEA recommendations and Guidelines
  8. Summary steps to complete a PFMEA documentation

2) Quality Control Plan documentation

  1. Meaning of Quality Control Plan documentation
  2. Graphical representation and explanation of key features of Quality Control Plan documentation.
  3. Audits plan – in Quality Control Plan
  4. Summary steps in graphical chart of completing quality control plan documentation.

3) Process Flow Chart

  1. Meaning of Process flow chart
  2. Objective of Process flow chart
  3. When to use Process flow chart
  4. Examples of graphical representation of Process flow chart
  5. Process steps of drawing or completing a Process flow chart

4) Measurement System Analysis: MSA studies

  1. Meaning of MSA studies
  2. Purpose of MSA studies
  3. Characterization of MSA studies
  4. Location (Average measurement value Vs Actual value)
  5. Variation (Spread of measurement value – precision
  6. Measuremet System Analysis procedures
  7. Stability assessment
  8. Bias assessment
  9. Repeatability and Reproducbility Assessment (Gage R&R method)
  10. Graphical representation of Repeatability and Reproducibility Assessment (Gage R&R method)

5) Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

  1. Meaning of PPAP: what is PPAP?
  2. When is PPAP required?
  3. What are offical PPAP requirements?
  4. Mandatory customer PPAP’S requirements i.e. Level 3.
  5. PPAP Submission Levels 1-5
  6. What are PPAP status i.e.”Approved”, „Interim approval” and Rejected approval of PPAP requirements.
  7. Components of Electronic Submission of PPAP requirements.

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