1) Quality function deployment QFD

  1. Meaning of QFD principles
  2. Uses of QFD principles
  3. Aspect of QFD
  4. Benefit of QFD
  5. Graphical representation of QFD principles
  6. QFD methodology

2) Design of experiment DOE

  1. Meaning of DOE
  2. Uses of DOE principles
  3. Benefit of DOE principles
  4. Graphical representation of DOE principles.

3) Scatter diagram

  1. Meaning of Scatter diagram
  2. Uses of Scatter diagram
  3. Graphical representation of Scatter diagram.

4) Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA)

  1. Meaning of PFMEA documentation
  2. Graphical representation and explanation of key features of Process FMEA documentation.
  3. HINTS: in calculating RPN in PFMEA documentation.
  4. Analyzing the PFMEA documentation.
  5. An example of Rating definitions in PFMEA documentation.
  6. Steps 1-9 in Graphical representation and Guidelines.
  7. Summary steps to complete a PFMEA documentation.

5) Histogram

  1. Introduction of Histogram
  2. Importance of Histogram, Usefulness of Histogram
  3. Graphical representation of Histogram

6) Kano model principles

  1. Introduction to Kano model principles
  2. Graphical representation and explanation of Kano model principles.

7) 5S principles

  1. Meaning of 5S principles
  2. 5S acronym i.e. sort, set, shine, standardize

8) Brainstorming techniques

  1. Introduction of Brainstorming techniques
  2. Advantages of Brainstorming techniques
  3. Brainstorming techniques process
  4. Types of Brainstorming techniques
  5. How to carry out Brainstorming study

Auromotive techniques 3