Problem Solving Methodology:

Hermon Quality Solutions service will center broadly on :

  • What is Problem Solving Methodology PSM ?
  • Problem Solving Steps and process identified
  • Problem Solving Strategies and skills needed to solve complex issues etc
  • The Most Common Problem Solving methods used in practice ( i.e PDCA; 8D; 5WHY; Appreciative enquiry; Kepner- Tregoe; KAIZEN; Lean Six Sigma; A3 Problem Solving; Root Cause Analysis,Fishbone Analysis, etc )
  • The Seven Classical tools of Quality for Solving the vast majority of Quality problems in practice( i.e Pareto Chart ; Scatter diagram; Control Chart; Flow Chart; Cause & Effect diagram; Histogram & Check Sheet)
  • Skills used in Problem Solving Methodology / Strategy etc
  • D.R.I.V.E Model, D.M.A.I.C Process as a problem solving strategy used in practice to achieve a formidable results etc

Client benefit: The methodology towards meaningful mindset needed to solve the vast majority of problems militating against the organization progress, reduce the quality costing performance indicators in the organization etc