VDA 6.3 is an excellent tool for process audits within the automotive industry acting as a guideline for performing audits. It provides information on the significance and application scope of a process audit over the entire product realization cycle in both manufacturing and services It defines the audit process, the criteria for evaluation of the process audit results and the requirements of the processes. At the heart of the standard, each step in the process is modelled with six links and is governed by the Deming Loop – Plan Do Check Act. There are three grades that an organisation can reach under VDA 6.3 – A, B & C. This means that an organisation can pass the audit but still have scope for further improvement.

Verband Der Automobilindustrie
Acronym. Definition. VDA. Verband Der Automobilindustrie E.V. (German Automobile Industry Association) VDA.
VDA 6.3 defines a process based audit standard for evaluating and improving controls in a manufacturing organisation’s new product introduction and manufacturing processes.
VDA 6.3 is a specific part of the VDA family of documents. VDA 6.3 focuses on process audits for production parts and services, whereas VDA 6.5 is a product audit and VDA 6.1. is a system audit.
The standard is an extension of ISO 9001:2015 and aims to help automotive companies meet growth, innovation and compliance goals

VDA 6.3 Process audit (Quality management for automotive industries) questionaire points to analyze in details:

  1. The following POINTS are explain in details in order to fulfill the requirements for  VDA 6.3 Process audit for project/process release/certification and also to initiate process improvement measures in the organization:
  • P2. Project Management
  •         P3. Planning the Product and Process Development
  •         P4. Implementation of the Product and Process Development
  •         P5. Supplier Development
  •         P6. Process Analysis/Production
  •         P7. Customer Care/Customer Satisfaction/Service

Your Benefits / Gains / Opportunitities:

  • Its gains full recognition and approval in the manufacturing and supply of parts for automobiles.
  • Its creates a standardized sector rational to measure the effective capacity of industry players to produce high-quality products that are secure for supply.
  • Its promotes consistency ineffective management in the Automobile sector to ensure a quality product is maintained at all stages to the letter.
  • Its serve as an informative means in modern production practices that are cost-effective and risk mitigated.
  • Its help validate Association of QMS and give the ability to supply to German automakers
  • Its mandates maintaining higher quality standards even higher than IATF 16949:2016
  • Its helps in Process control in every process resulting in Increased quality of your products
  • Its presents a simple and singular management strategy that covers a multi-dimensional organization to guarantee safe quality production and supply.
  • The VDA6.3 certification is a great marketing tool for selling in German Automotive Industry

Target Group:

  • Any individual requiring knowledge and understanding of VDA 6.3 Process Audit good performance results
  • Quality Professionals/ Consultants
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/CEOs
  • Management
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Internal and Auditors requiring the competency to audit VDA 6.3
  • Accredited auditors requiring the competency to audit VDA 6.3

Modules for Internal audit and process audit