1. Control Chart principles

  • Introduction
  • Composition of control chart
  • Western Electric Rules (WECO)
  • Types of control chart:
  1. Attribute control chart:
  • p-chart
  • np-chart
  • c-chart
  • u-chart
  1. Variable control chart.
  1. Other forms control chart:

  • X and S control chart
  • Standard error based X chart
  • Mean range based X control chart
  • R-chart
  • Moving range
  1. Statistical Process Capability study

  • Introduction
  • Why / When to use process capability study?
  • Meaning of within variation Vs Overall variation
  • Graphical representation of process variation
  • Process capability Matrix
  • Capability Matrix: Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk, Cm, Cmk, Cg, Cgk.
  • One sided capability Matrix
  • Acceptance criteria for capability Matrix
  • Steps to follow when conducting process capability study
  • Capability study analyze with Minitab software explanations
  • Assessment of capability study after conducting the test rule– Using Minitab software.
  1. Statistical Process Control – SPC in general.

  • Meaning of SPC philosophy, application of SPC principles and its originator.
  • Control chart – meaning focus on variation
  • How do control chart help to avoid defects?
  • Brief history of control chart
  • Cause of variation: a. common cause of variation                                                                                     b. special cause of variation
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC – test rules, graphical representation.
  • Steps in constructing an Average and Range chart (X bar and R)
  1. Select the process characteristics
  2. Establish the sampling plan and rational subgroup size
  3. Gather data/ enter into Minitab software
  4. Establish the overall mean and control limit
  • Calculation of control limits of each of control chart
  • Types of control chart
  1. Attribute and variable control chart in general
  2. Mean range base X control chart
  • Other control chart that might be applicable in practical sense:
  1. Standard error based X chart
  2. R-chart
  3. Moving range e.t.c.

Modules for statistical process capability study,SPC and control chart