I. Customer Quality relationship:

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies for improving customer-vendor relationship
  3. Quality function deployment QFD – meaning in details
  4. Quality function deployment matrix
  5. QFD methodology
  6. QFD summary.

II. Supplier Quality Development:

  1. Introduction
  2. Supplier quality development principles.
  3. Various measures in which supplier quality development can be ascertain in details:
    • Supplier development through redefine the organization-supplier relationships
    • Supplier development through development & implementation of effective e-business strategy that will enhance communication across the supply chain.
    • Supplier development through appropriate performance measures that will provide useful feedback on the supply chain
    • Supplier development through collaboration increase across the organization -supplier interface.
    • Supplier development through a “cost out” strategic implementation.
    • Supplier development through alignmment of the entire organization with its suppliers so that they can form a single value-generating entity.
    • Supplier development through supportive measures in packaging standard approval list
    • Supplier development through improvemnt in process stability and process capability study.
    • Supply development through adoption of improvement techniques from the utilization capacity point of view.
    • Supplier development through assistance in the supplier QMS & EMS improvement measures and in internal audit measures.

Modules for Customer relationship supplier development 2