Problem Solving Methodology (PSM)

Problem Solving Methodology PSM:

Hermon Quality Solutions service will centre broadly on :

  • What is Problem Solving Methodology PSM?
  • Problem Solving Steps and process identified
  • Problem Solving Strategies and skills needed to solve complex issues etc
  • The Most Common Problem-Solving methods used in practice ( i.e PDCA; 8D; 5WHY; Appreciative enquiry; Kepner- Tregoe; KAIZEN; Lean Six Sigma; A3 Problem Solving; Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Analysis, etc )
  • The Seven Classical tools of Quality for Solving the vast majority of Quality problems in practice( i.e Pareto Chart; Scatter diagram; Control Chart; Flow Chart; Cause & Effect diagram; Histogram & Check Sheet)
  • Skills used in Problem Solving Methodology / Strategy etc ,
  • D.R.I.V.E Model, D.M.A.I.C Process as a problem-solving strategy used in practice to achieve formidable results etc

Your needs and the insights you will gain:

  • Solve the product/process problems in an efficient way
  • Capitalize on experienced issues so they do not repeat
  • Improve the problem-solving process in the company
  • Satisfy the requirements of customer and auditors on the
    process of the problem-solving process
  • Know the main problem-solving tools in the automotive industry
  • Improve the claim process with your (company) sub-suppliers
  • Continuously improve the processes in your plant etc

Target group:

  • Customer and Internal Quality Engineers
  • Production
  • Auditors / Line Quality inspectors
  • Outgoing & Incoming quality inspectors
  • Technology
  • Logistics / Warehouse
  • Quality of Purchased Components (SQA) etc

Your needs  and some of the service contents you will know in details:

  • Basic rules for the problem-solving process
  • International standard requirements on non conforming and corrective action
  • Internal and external customer claim management- How to handle it & the implication on the Quality operating performance (KPI)
  • Seven major classical problem-solving tools available to solve the vast majority of problem cases in the plant
    • Ishikawa/Fishbone principle
    • 5W2H
    • Pareto analysis
    • A3 thinking principle
    • Checklist / Check sheet
  • 8D & 7Step principle
  • D.R.I.V.E methodology for the problem-solving process
  • Six Sigma DMAIC principle
  • Lessons Learned activities
  • Setting the problem-solving process in the plant etc

Even the best quality assurance planning and execution will not prevent the plant from non-conformities. Those can be found by the operator, quality control, the customer or even the driver of the vehicle. The training module „Problem-solving tools and methods“ explains to its participants the main problem-solving tools used in the automotive industry and in many examples illustrates their use but also the risks of misuse that may appear.

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