Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total Quality Management TQM:

Hermon Quality Solutions service will centre broadly on :

  • What is Total Quality Management TQM
  • Why is TQM necessary in an organization
  • The role of Management in TQM
  • The Received Wisdom on TQM
  • The Introduction of TQM in an organization
  • Levels of TQM
  • Why many TQM principles fail in organizations and how can it be improved
  • The Business context of TQM
  • Quality costing in general
  • Process management, improvement measures and change management etc
  • Seven Quality tools applicable in an organization; Customer- supplier development and the International Organization for Standardization ISO ( New ISO 9001:2015QMS) and New International Automotive Task Force IATF( New IATF 16949:2016 standard) etc

 Client benefit: The ability to adopt a high-quality standard that is necessary to move the organization Total Quality Management TQM system forward etc ,

Other benefits the clients will enjoy from the Total Quality Management service. The service module will ensure the followings:

  • it ensures elimination of non-confirmation and repetitive work
  • it ensures elimination of waste costs and rejects products
  • it ensures elimination of repairs and reworks
  • it’s reduced warranty and customer support costs
  • it ensures process efficiency leading to improved profit per product or service
  • it ensures fiscal discipline through the elimination of unnecessary steps and wasteful expenditure

TQM frees up management time from redressing problems and directs management time and effort to:

  • increase production
  • extend the range of products
  • improve existing products

Target group:

  • Plant Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Supervisors
  • Quality Specialist
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Production
  • and others

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