1. Continuous Improvement -Applied elimination of major losses 2. Automonous Maintenance -Operator executes inspections, cleanings and maintenance independence independently. 3. Preventive Maintenance -Undisturbed machines and facilities produce faulties goods for total customer satisfaction 4. Trainings and Education -Tailored qualification of employees to improve their abilities to operate and maintain 5. Start-up Monitoring -Realization of a […]

The Impact of Total Quality Management(TQM) in an organizational system.

As more and more business firms are experiencing TQM approach into their system , we shall mention six several points which alter the character of the business firm during Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation to better meet customers needs and exceed their expectation positively.Here are some learnings in this article regard some collections & compilations […]

Project Excellence Model and European foundation for Quality Management EFQM-Excellence Model:Criteria Model

PROJECT EXCELLENCE MODEL: The Project Excellence Model is adapted from the EFQM-model and is a concept developed to fill this need. The Project Excellence Model is developed using research findings from both studies on success criteria and critical success factors for projects. The model consists of six result areas covering project success criteria and six […]

Simplified Step by Step Approach in 8D Problem Solving methodology that can be applicable in an organization

FORMING A PROBLEM SOLVING TEAM :A cross functional team should be establish to scrutinize,analyze,investigate the problem that was found in the process.the selection of qualified team with proactive members is imperative. (i.e expertise with product knowledge,process knowledge,problem solving techniques,analytical thinking,capacity,power to introduce action e.t.c DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM :After a cross functional team has been […]

Quality costing at a glance

The Meaning of “Quality Costs “ The term “quality costs” has different meanings to different people. Some equate “quality costs” with the costs of poor quality due to finding and correcting defective work. Others equate the term with the costs to attain good quality. Others use the term to mean the costs of running the quality […]

General overview of Total quality management TQM philosophy that can be applicable in an organizational system

Definition of Total Quality Management TQM TOTAL Quality management involves everyone and all tasks and activities of a company. QUALITY Degree to which the product fulfils customer requirements or was produced correctly. MANAGEMENT Quality must be managed by planning,organizing,leading and controlling. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT TQM: An integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality […]