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Mission, Vision & Values

The Vision Statement

  • to make an impact that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Deliver services that will have long lasting effects and encourage new business opportunities for clients.
  • to extend services that will give our clients inspiration to realize their versatilities and specialities, which can work as benefits for them.

The Mission Statement

  • to simplify best measures that will move our clients’ business operations to another stage of growth and development.
  • to develop a formidable methodology that will lead towards our clients risk and cost reduction, generate resources.
  • to help our clients to improve their performance operations level, using improvement analysis and principles as input requirements, and therefore develop a blue print plan for improvement measures as an output requirement, to their operation’s benefit.

The Values Statement

  • Committed to excellence: We exceed our clients expectations in terms of service delivery.
  • Quality: We engage the right people with the right experience.
  • Respect: We treat every client,and employees with respect and courtesy.
  • Improvement: We try to improve in terms of service delivery to our clients every day.
  • Innovation: We tend to think ahead and offer new ideas.
  • Customer drive: The customer is king and always in our focus at all times.
  • Professionalism: We tend to use our skills and experience to reach the best outcomes for our clients as soon as possible.
  • Teamwork: We believe that together, with our collaboration, we can achieve more in terms of service delivery.

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lean manufacturing
Lean Management Principles
Lean management is a business approach for maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. It is based on the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and aims to create a culture of continuous improvement in an organization. The main goal of Lean management is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the time spent on non-value-adding activities and optimizing the flow of work. Such waste in Lean can include overproduction, waiting time, unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, unnecessary processing, and defects.
Total Productive Maintenance TPM
Total productive maintenance (TPM) is the process of using machines, equipment, employees and supporting processes to maintain and improve the integrity of production and the quality of systems. So, how can you help remedy this issue? Total productive maintenance (TPM) is the process of using machines, equipment, employees and supporting processes to maintain and improve the integrity of production and the quality of systems. Put simply, it's the process of getting employees involved in maintaining their own equipment while emphasizing proactive and preventive maintenance techniques. Total productive maintenance strives for perfect production. That is: No breakdowns No stops or running slowly No defects No accidents
Shop Floor Management System
Shop floor management comprises processes, methods, and systems to ensure the most efficient production possible. Shop floor management (SFM) focuses on what happens at the base. SFM is understood as the optimization of management and leadership tasks in a production facility. it is an effective procedure with the goal of continuous process improvement, which is the result of cooperation between employees and management. Shop floor management enables the continuous improvement of all processes towards the common corporate goal of daily fulfilment of customer requirements.
Advanced Product Quality Planning
PQP is a structured approach to product and process design. This framework is a standardized set of quality requirements that enable suppliers to design a product that satisfies the customer. The primary goal of product quality planning is to facilitate communication and collaboration between engineering activities. A Cross Functional Team (CFT), involving marketing, product design, procurement, manufacturing and distribution, is used in the APQP process. APQP ensures the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is clearly understood, translated into requirements, technical specifications and special characteristics. The product or process benefits are designed in through prevention.
vda 2
VDA 6.3 Process Audit (Verband der Automobilindustrie)
The VDA 6.3 process audit is an effective procedure for assessing processes in connection with the planning and manufacturing of a product. These audits are usually conducted within the organization or with suppliers prior to serial release, but also form a valuable contribution to process optimization within already existing manufacturing lines. Furthermore, potential analysis – as part of VDA 6.3 – also constitutes a tried and tested method to select new suppliers. This process audit standard can also be applied to further sectors such as mechanical engineering and wind power. In order to conduct VDA 6.3 process audits, comprehensive knowledge, experience and competence are necessary.
Statistical Process Control SPC
Statistical process control (SPC) or statistical quality control (SQC) is the application of statistical methods to monitor and control the quality of a production process. This helps to ensure that the process operates efficiently, producing more specification-conforming products with less waste scrap. SPC can be applied to any process where the "conforming product" (product meeting specifications) output can be measured. Key tools used in SPC include run charts, control charts, a focus on continuous improvement, and the design of experiments. An example of a process where SPC is applied is manufacturing lines.


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Who we are

Hermon Quality Solutions is a management consulting and training service company that offers its activities in Problem Solving Methodology, Continuous Improvement Process, Total Quality Management, New ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard, New IATF 16949:2016 Standard, New ISO 14001:2015 EMS Standard, etc towards moving the organization quality management system into achieving its best in practices, methodology in this present world of competitive market. Through training and consulting activities, we are on a mission to educate, motivate and facilitate practical quality innovation around the world. Over a million people have used our training modules and tools to improve their product, process, system, productivity and leadership skills. We are experts in creating results-driven consulting and training, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our customers.


We proudly present our training services that will add value to your organizational quality management skills and competencies and also have a positive impact on your product/process performance inorder to achieve good rating in customer satisfaction

  1. Lean Management System
  2. Total Productive Maintenance TPM
  3. Shop Floor Management SFM
  4. Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP
  5. VDA 6.3 Process Audit
  6. Statistical Process Control SPC


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