Welcome to Hermon Quality Solutions (HQS)!

The right quality approach in place produces the right results, and many organizations see these as their quality mindset to cost reductions. Quotations by Edwards Deming support, these facts:  ‘Improve quality, you automatically improve productivity’ and ‘The result of long term relationship is better and better quality and lower and lower costs’. However, if care is not taken the following detriments to the organizational quality system can occur:

  1. Wastes (Muda i.e. transport, inventory, motion, defects, overproduction, waiting, overprocessing. Mura i.e. imbalance, uneven, irregular. Muri i.e. overburden).
  2. Part per million (ppm) defective results in place
  3. Increase in scrap and rework activities in place
  4. The decrease in operating equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  5. Poor customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  6. Loss of new business for the organization in the future as a result of poor quality performance
  7. Productive inefficiency in place

Hermon Quality Solutions will provide consulting services and training to clients that want to tackle all the above detriments to their quality system. We can also help and assist organizations in any matters relating to quality systems, quality control, quality assurance and quality standards. Not only that, but we also can assist the organization to achieve more in their quality aspect system for a long-term relationship that will guarantee customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, good quality products and processes, etc. Our highly qualified experts shall pay attention to our clients’ needs and wishes, they take pride in the work they do base on the positive outcome of the services rendered.

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