Shop Floor Management SFM

Shop Floor Management (SFM)

Shop floor management is an important component of the Toyota Production System. The main task of shop floor management is to sustainably increase efficiency and quality in production.

SFM is a closed-loop process to observe the problems on site and supports the consistent development of processes and procedures, including problem solving, to attack sporadic and chronic issues. The benefit of SFM relies not on the presence of tools but rather on their consistent, process-driven application. SFM is a structured approach with the aim of linking the management level with operative processes and employees, where visualization plays an important role.

Hermon Quality Solutions Service will center broadly on:

  • What is shop floor management?
  • The originator of shop floor management
  • Why shop floor management?
  • Benefits of shop floor management
  • Components of shop floor management
  • Implementation of shop floor management
  • Key figures in shop floor management
  • Objectives of shop floor management
  • How to improve shop floor management
  • Implementation of shop floor management
  • Roles and responsibilities in shop floor management activities
  • Sustainment of shop floor management concepts on the production floor

Your needs and some of the service contents will be described in detail:

  • Application of shop floor management in an efficient way
  • Application of the shop floor management mindset to achieve customer satisfaction in production
  • Satisfy the requirements of customers and auditors on the
    shop floor management methodology in the organizational system, etc.
  • Know the main shop floor management tools in the automotive industry.
  • Benefits of shop floor management principles in the organization
  • When to use shop floor management in the organization
  • Why use shop floor management for improvements, waste reduction, and time losses in production?
  • How to manage shop floor management in production
  • The roles and responsibilities of shop floor management implementation in the organization, etc.
  • How shop floor management can be sustainable in an organization, etc.

Target group:

  • Customer and internal quality engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Production leaders
  • Line leaders
  • Line Operators
  • Lines Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Technology
  • Auditors and line quality inspectors
  • Outgoing and incoming quality inspectors
  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Quality of Purchased Components (SQA), etc.

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