How Total Quality Management TQM implementation affects organizational system positively.

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As more and more business firms are experiencing a TQM approach into their system, we will mention several points which alter the character of the business firm to better meet customers needs and exceed their expectation positively. Here are some learnings in this article regarding some collections & compilations of ways companies have started the TQM process from the grassroots level and succeeded in it in their system at the finish stage.

Characteristics engage companies that have succeeded in implementing TQM in their system are as follows:

  1. The leader starts with a mental picture of how the company should be in the future and sees TQM as a means of getting them there, the top management holds a consistent picture throughout the programmes, the leader is sincere, credible and consistent in their leadership styles e.t.c.
  2. The analysis is done often and becomes a natural part of decision making. This analysis relates to customer needs and expectations and is made visible for employees attention.
  3. The problem-solving methodology is done effectively and involves every employee opinions e.g brainstorming techniques. The emphasis is on important problems that cut across department lines and also have a negative impact on customer requirements.
  4. Learning new ways of operating is done through active, hands-on experiment, the pilot project often provide the perfect opportunity e.t.c
  5. As the learning new ways of operating progress, the leader and the top team management continue to emphasize and clarify the vision & objectives through deeds, not by a written statement.
  6. At the right time, education training courses, seminars are used to supplement pilot activities and to reinforce the vision being verified by the top management, rather than generic programs which have no much impact on the employee’s skills & competency, these training courses, seminars & workshops are tailored to the particular needs of an employee of the company.

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