Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in an organization: A total integrated effort to increase overall equipment effectiveness OEE.


The concept aims to maximize the productivity of facilities by transferring the responsibility for regular maintenance to employees.

A productivity-oriented mixture of preventive and status-oriented maintenance measures, supplemented by a process of continuous improvement of facilities.

Consists of 8 pillars . each containing approaches to eliminate losses and waste.

Why TPM is important.

It emphasises proactive and preventive maintenance to maximize the lifespan and productivity of equipment and it does this by empowering all employees to take responsibility for such equipment.

Purpose of TPM

Increase overall equipment effectiveness OEE

Improved existing plant maintenance system

Increase skills and productivity

Increase in manpower and technical know. how

Early equipment management

Benefits of TPM.

The benefits of TPM can be sub-divided into a) Direct and b) Indirect benefit.

The direct benefit of TPM:

Reduction of defects interruptions and waste

Increase of productivity and running times

Lower cost for maintenance and production

Improved control of maintenance cost

Less time for set-up and adjustment of facilities

The indirect benefit of TPM:

Increase in employee motivation and satisfaction

Varied and challenging work

Sustainment of a clean, structured, attractive workplace

Reaching goals in teamwork.

Exchange of knowledge and experience.

Why TPM fails in the organization:

Lack of management support and commitment to TPM principles

Poor documentation, policies and procedures in place

Lack of employee dedication to the principles of TPM

Lack of planning and poor follow-up

Remedies / solutions to achieve success :

Engaging and empower the employees

The commitment TPM mindset and principles by the Top management level

Evolving the initiatives

Proper documentation, policies and procedures in place

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